First Visit

On your first visit, we work hard to answer some of the most common answered questions by patients.

What's wrong with me?  We will talk with you about your history so that we may get a clear idea as to what may be causing your problem.    We will peform an examination to determine if your problem is muscle, bone, joint, or nerve related.  X-rays are a great tool to determine if there is an underlying problem or issue that could delay your healing progress like scoliosis, degeneration, joint disease, arthritis, or bone spurs.  Once we have all of the information needed, we will be able determine the cause of your pain.

How long will it take?  Healing of any problem takes time.  Some problems heal quicker than others.  For instance, a disc bulge will take longer to heal than a lowback strain.  How the injury occurred, how long you've had the problem, your age, and your general health can also be factors in recovery time. 

How much will it cost?  Chiropractic care is covered by most insurance plans.  We will verify your benefits before we begin treatment.  We will happily file your claims for you.  Cash patients are always welcome.

Will I have to come forever to keep my problem from coming back?  Most of our patients live an active lifestyle from recreational sports to gardening and would prefer not to have a relapse.  Most patients choose to follow a preventive maintenance plan because they understand the benefit of chiropractic care.  What you choose to do once you have reached your goal is up to you.  We will always respect your decision in reference to your health care choice.