Dr. Keith


Choosing chiropractic as a profession was easy, it matched my belief system. It started early in life as a competitive athlete. I attended a health talk given by a chiropractor; he explained how the disruption of nerve flow from the spine to the organs and muscles of the body can cause a less optimal result. My mission in life has always been to promote and inspire a state of health excellence in others. Being a chiropractor has allowed me to be an example and help others achieve a more active and fulfilling lifestyle for the young athlete and older adults. Living the chiropractic lifestyle is not only something I teach my patients but is how I live my life.

I give a 30 minute health talk on Tuesday nights at 6:15. Seating is limited. Please call 822-1922 for a reservation.


Dr. Rejeana


My story began when I was about 10 years old. I played a lot of different sports, did gymnastics, and rode horses. Like any typical child, I was very active. I also had a lot of back pain and muscle spasms that limited my activities. We chose the typical treatment of doctor visits and x-rays. According to them, I had a slight curvature but nothing real definitive was causing my pain. I took medicine for the discomfort and suffered on and off until a neighbor recommended a chiropractor. The chiropractor explained how the nervous system feeds every muscle, tissue, gland, and organ in the body and how sometimes the nervous system gets interference. The interference is caused by the spinal column or joint getting misaligned. The misalignments can be caused by sleeping wrong, playing sports, eating bad foods, repetitive stress, accidents, or even the birth process. He explained the chiropractic lifestyle of eating healthy foods, exercise, and a healthy nervous system. Chiropractic care impacted my life in many ways. My pain disappeared, my health improved, and I watched many friends and family members benefit from care. I have been a chiropractor for 18 years now and enjoy caring for all types of patients - especially children. Chiropractors just have so much to offer people. I see and experience this everyday.