Techniques Used

Dr. Keith and Dr. Rejeana use the traditional chiropractic treatments taught in chiropractic schools but also use additional techniques from their post graduate studies. 

Cox Spinal Decompression- This technique is used for those patients who have disc problems, sciatica, sharp or shooting pain, stenosis, Degenerative Joint Disease and even failed back surgery. More info

Activator Technique- This an instrument that uses a very low force technique for those that are fearful of being adjusted by hand but also have the benefit of getting just as good of a result. We also use this technique on children and those patients who condition would benefit from this technique. More info

Extremity Adjusting- Some children and patients who lead a very active lifestyle  benefit greatly from this technique.

Chiropractic and Kids- We are beginning to see more and more children in our practice. Because of the wonderful results our adults are receiving, they don’t want their children/grandchildren to be left at home developing the same problem they are coming in to fix. More info

Acupuncture- sometimes patients have pain in areas of the body that occur for no apparent reason. We call this an interruption of Chi or energy. Dr. Rejeana has intense training in acupuncture.  She has been using her knowledge and is getting great results with this method. Acupuncture works by stimulating  a series of points  on the body or ear (auricular therapy) to move the chi.   

Nutrition- Nutrition Response testing can potentially reveal nutritional imbalances that can keep people from getting well. Some of the suppliments we use are through Nutriwest, Standard Process and Biotics.

 Applied Kinesiology-