Arm and Hand Numbness

Nearly three years ago, right before Christmas, I would wake up during the night with my right arm and hand numb.  It was very painful and uncomfortable.  This has been going on for a while.  My son suggested that I go see some friends of his... Drs. Rejeana and Keith Crystal who are Chiropractors here in Hendersonville.  What a blessing that was.  They listened to my complaints, took some x-rays and determined the nature of my problem.  I had several treatments the first 2-3 weeks and learned how to sleep in a different position to what I was accustomed to.  Once the numbness was gone, it has not returned.  I am faithful in going for adjustments as the Doctors recommend.  I highly recommend Drs. Rejeana and Keith Crystal.                               - Nancy R.

Back Pain

When I first came to Crystal Chiropractic, I had neck and back pain!  I was miserable and it was a struggle to function day to day! In going to my regular doctor he ordered x-rays and sent me to therapy.  But that was not the answer.  My daughter, who lived in Virginia at the time, worked for a Chiropractor.  She encouraged me to seek out a Chiropractor that used a technique called "gentle touch".  I looked in the yellow pages and found Crystal Chiropractic.  I called and made an appointment.  Dr. Keith Crystal sat down with me and listened to me with gentleness and compassion. He explained what needed to be done in a way that  I could understand and we began a journey to get my back in alignment!  Wow!! What a difference my life is now.  Would I recommend Crystal Chiropractic? Yes, without a doubt!  They really care about getting you better.                                                                                                                - Martha G 

 Bone Spurs in the neck

When I first went to Dr. Crystal, I had been to a neurologist for bone spurs in the neck.  He wanted to do surgery, I refused, he sent me to Dr. Crystal.  When I first started treatment, it was 3 days a week.  He did not promise a miracle, but I tell you, after just a few treatments and following his instructions, I have never felt better.  I was at a point where I didn't know if I could work anymore, I am now working 40 hours plus overtime.  Everyone who tells me they have a problem, I tell them they need to see Dr. Crystal.  And I will continue to tell everyone I know.  I have a lot of thanks and respect for both Dr. Keith Crystal and Dr. Rejeana Crystal.                                       - Ray R. 


I had been dealing with chronic headaches for years.  I had 3-5 headaches a week.  I never thought about my headaches being a neck problem, until someone mentioned it one day.  I was starting to have pain into my shoulders and upper back, along with headaches, and realized it could be my neck.  I could not turn my head all the way to the left or right to look behind me.  Instead, I would have to turn my whole body.  I was going through a bottle of pain relievers every 5-6 days.  I was referred to Crystal Chiropractic by someone who had been there before.  I was skeptical and nervous.  I had never been to a chiropractor before, but, the pain and headaches were making it nearly impossible for me to function at home or work.  So, I got up one day and went in.  They scheduled me very quickly, assessed my problems, and began treatment.  I was amazed that after just one visit, I could turn my head and look both ways.  After only a few more sessions, the headaches decreased, and now, they are almost nonexistant.  Dr. Crystal and the people at Crystal Chiropractic really care about you and your pain, and use the best of their skills, and technology to get you back to a pain-free life.  I have recommended Crystal Chiropractic to all of my co-workers, and to my family and friends, and I recommend them to you.                                                - Angela P.

 Lower Back Pain with pain radiating down the legs

I first saw Dr. Crystal on January 31, 2007 for horrendous lowerback pain, which was diagnosed as degenerative disc disease by a Baptist Hospital MRI.  I had visited various doctors and undergone expensive physical therapy for 6 months.  None of these had any effect on the pain.  In addition, I suffered from shooting pains down both my legs, which two specialists told me was due to bursitis in my hips and incurable.

Dr. Crystal impressed me greatly by his cautious approach to my treatment and his refusal to use other doctors' diagnoses as a basis for treatment. He impressed me even further when 80% of my pain was gone after my first adjustment!  Dr. Crystal treated me approximately 3 months.  As a result, my back pain returns only rarely and my legs and hips never hurt. It turned the leg pain was due to disc compression in my lowerback, not bursitis.  Now, I see Dr. Crystal every few months to be sure that my spine stays in alignment to avoid any future problems.  I would recommend Dr. Crystal to anyone with problems.  You can trust him implicity, and you can rely on him to tell you if chiropractic care is appropriate for your situation. - Kathy W.

Lower back pain, leg aches, and foot numbness    

In January of this year, the pain in my lower back had become almost unbearable.  I had suffered off and on with low back pain since I was 18, but it had gotten progressively worse since November 2005 and just never seemed to get better no matter what I did.  I could not stand for very long periods of time without the tops of my feet going numb and having to crouch or sqaut down to ease the pain in my lower back.  I was miserable.  I had seen my doctor regarding the problem and he diagnosed it as sacroilitis and prescribed celebrex and rest. After the celebrex and rest, I would feel better, but the first time I tried to do any physical activity, the pain would return.  A friend at work saw me struggling in my chair to get comfortable and asked me what was wrong.I described my aches and pain to him and he suggested I see Dr. Keith Crystal.  My friend said his back was really messed up and Dr. Crystal pretty much fixed him up completely.  I had never seen a Chiropractor before and hadn't heard anything about Dr. Crystal, but I was willing to try anything at that point.  I was skeptical of chiropractors because my mother had always told me 'they make you feel better, but you have to keep going to them forever.'  If that was what it took to feel better, I was game.  Dr. Crystal explained what chiropractors do, what he would be checking me for, and how treatments would be planned if he found that he would be able to help me.  After reviewing the x-rays taken of my lower back, Dr. Crystal explained that I had a small fracture in a pars bone in my lower back.  The fracture allowed the vertebrae to move slightly inward or forward, putting pressure on all sorts of nerves.  Dr. Crystal explained how this could be an old injury from childhood and how it could be causing my discomfort not only in my lower back , but in other areas as well.  He went over how we would treat me in great detail and we began treatments 3 days a week.  Over a couple of months, I gradually felt the pain ease away and the treatments dwindled from 3 days a week, to 2 days, to 1 day until eventually, once a month for maintenance.  The difference in my life is unbelievable.  Until being treated by Dr. Crystal, I thought some people just hurt and that's the way life is.  Man was I wrong.  My lower back pain is completely gone.  My toes no longer get numb.  I don't have some of the inexplicable aches and pains in my legs anymore.  I can stand and walk for as long I need to.  I have gotten back into exercising, which I was not able to do at all for the past 3 years, and have lost about 10 lbs.  I feel great - better than I have in years.  I would recommend Dr. Crystal to anyone and everyone who feels like they have a problem a chiropractor might be able to help.                                                - Clay W. 

Lower back pain

I first went to Dr. Crystal because of constant pain in my lower back area.  I had seen my physician, and my orthopedic physician and they had prescribed muscle relaxers.  I knew nothing about chiropractic care, and I had never been before my first visit to the office.  On my first visit, I was a little apprehensive as to what to expect.  But after arriving, my apprehensions were all gone.  I had a set of x-rays done, then a visit with Dr. Crystal.  Then on my second visit he discussed his plan of treatment with both my husband and I.  Then the treatments began, and almost immediately there was some relief.  Since that time, I have steadily improved and it has made my evryday lifestyle a whole lot better.  There are other options besides surgery.  The real great thing about it all is the staff treats you like you are someone very special.  You are always welcome to make comments and ask questions about your treatment and other issues.  I would highly recommend Dr. Crystal to my friends and colleagues.                                         - Cheryle E.

Lower back pain 

I originally visited Crystal Chiropractic ten years ago with a lower backache, muscle spasms, and stooped over with severe pain.  My family physician, orthopedic doctor,and neurosurgeon ruled out any disc problems after an MRI.  Through Dr. Crystal's education and regular treatments I was able to walk upright, without pain and able to return to work within 1 day, and not having to remain in bed for days taking pain medications as recommended by other physicians.  I visit Crystal Chiropractic regularly for preventive treatment, too.  There is not a wait time in their office and the staff is friendly, understanding, and attentive to a patient's needs.  I strongly encourage all who have experienced the same problem, as I have, to visit Crystal Chiropractic.                            - Lydia W.

Neck Pain

I had horrible neck pain for about a week and could not even turn my head.  On day, a co-worker found me crying because the pain was not going away.  I felt frustrated and helpless.  When I told her what was wrong, she recommended Dr. Keith Crystal.  I had heard postive reports about him before, but I was scared to go to a chiropractor.  It seemed "alternative" and I did not want to be popped and thrown around a table.  But I knew if I went to my regular doctor, they would give me medicine for the symptom but the problem would remain.  I went to Dr. Crystal.  What I found was a gentle, safe environment.  After a consultation and three adjustments, I awoke a few days later and realized I could turn my neck.  Plus, the excruciating pain was gone! That made me a believer.  I keep my monthly appointments, and I know if I ever hurt again, I have a place to go for help.                                                     - Courtney S.


I began seeing Dr. Crystal around my 36th week of my pregnancy.  I was struggling with lower back pain due to the pregnancy and decided that while I couldn't do something about every ache, pain, and discomfort that comes at the end of pregnancy I could do something about my back.  I decided I wouldn't live with the pain if I didn't have to.  I had been to a chiropractor in the past and understood how poor spinal alignment not only your back, but other areas of your body, including getting headaches, sore jaw, etc.   I was also aware thatin order to achieve optimum results, chiropractic care required maintenance.  Because I was so far along in my pregnancy Dr. Crystal's adjustments were gentle and non-aggressive but still very effective and I quickly saw results.  Now, I don't live with the agony of low back pain and able to go about my day getting our lives ready for the arriving baby, as well as enjoy playing with my daughter and spending time with my family.  I would highly recommend Dr. Crystal to others and already have.                                - Katy U.